Building Project

Progressive Judaism has taken root in Israel and is attracting large numbers of Israelis seeking a way to connect to their Jewish religious and cultural heritage. Our Project plans to capitalize on that deeply felt need and draw otherwise unaffiliated Jews into the community.

City hall has granted Kehilat Yonatan nearly 20,000 sq.ft. of public land with a market value of close to $3m. The land allocated is part of a larger plot upon which the town also plans to build two schools. This promises a very fruitful relationship, which will be to the mutual benefit of all of the institutions.

We plan to build a Jewish education and community centre that will incorporate a synagogue, lecture hall, community hall and classrooms. The building will be approximately 13,000 sq.ft. in size, and will cost an estimated $2m including furnishings and equipment. Our architects have already submitted plans to the town’s Planning Committee and we hope shortly to receive our construction permit.

Our Centre will be a beacon for people of all ages looking for ways to engage with their Jewish heritage in a Progressive way. We provide a home for thousands of Jews who want to develop a modern Jewish lifestyle in a country crying out for religious pluralism and alternatives. Our educational campus, unlike any other in the area, attracts Israelis not only from Hod Hasharon but from all over the region. Through our creative approach we have been successful in connecting old and young, families and singles with their heritage.

Having raised the money to commission architects’ and consultants’ plans, we are now in urgent need of your support to enable us to go ahead with the project. We have collected $1m to date and are urgently in need of further assistance to guarantee the project.



Naming Gifts


The entire complex


The Sanctuary


Community Hall


Entrance Hall


Lecture Room (there are 3 lecture rooms available for naming gifts)


Recreation Garden


Founders Wall


1,000 Club


Wall of Honor

The congregation is registered as a Nonprofit with the Israeli tax authorities and has entered into an arrangement that enables donations to be made in North America that are recognized by the IRS for tax purposes.

Please be our partners in this exciting project and help us reach our target by donating now!