We have just launched a  crowdfunding campaign to build the synagogue! To donate, please visit here 

Other ways to give:

Our bank account details are :

Account name: Kehilat Yonatan
Account number: 226759
Bank: Bank Hapoalim
Bank code: 12
Branch: Hod Hasharon
Branch number: 626
IBAN: IL39-0126-2600-0000-0226-759

TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFTS  from the United States can be made by one of the two following options specifying that you wish your gift to be sent to Kehilat Yonatan in Hod Hasharon:

1.   PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc. , 630 Third Avenue, Ste 1501,
New York, NY 10017.
Gifts, made payable to “PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc.”, must be over $ 25 and should be accompanied by a request recommending (but not directing) that Kehilat Yonatan be the recipient.

2.  KBY Congregations Together, Inc.

If you do not wish to make an online donation, checks can also be sent directly to
KBY Congregations Together Inc. c / o Jeff Maklis, Director, POBox 23170, Brooklyn, NY 11202
and should be made payable to “KBY Congregations Together, Inc.” specifying that the gift is for Kehilat Yonatan.

Donations can also be made directly to Israel by Paypal:

Please Support Us

None of the Reform and Conservative synagogues and institutions in Israel could have been built without the generous support of well-wishers from overseas.

These friends had the vision and the foresight to recognize the important role that they could play in shaping the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

Kehilat Yonatan needs your help to spread the message of Progressive Judaism and to participate in the struggle for religious pluralism in Israel and elsewhere.

Please play your part in helping to make it happen!

Opportunities exist for Naming Gifts.
Please make your tax deductible gift today.

Why our Project should concern you

Unlike Orthodoxy, Progressive institutions are not supported by the Israeli government.

You and your children have the right to feel at home in Israel and to insist that your expression of Judaism is respected and has its place there.

By supporting Kehilat Yonatan, YOU can make a difference and help strengthen Progressive Judaism in the ever changing society of the Jewish State.
Kehilat Yonatan needs your help to make this happen and to create facts on the ground.
You have a key role to play in helping realize this vision.
With your generous assistance, Kehilat Yonatan can build an institution that supports our shared vision and values.

Kehilat Yonatan is a registered charity (Amutah) in the State of Israel for the purpose of receiving tax deductible donations.

Opportunities exist for donations to our ongoing programs and naming gifts to our Building Fund, including for the entire project.

If you wish to send your donation directly to Israel, this can be done either by means of a check made payable to “Kehilat Yonatan”, or by means of a bank transfer directly to our account.