Our Leaders

Yossi Solnik

Our President

Yossi  was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Rishon l’Zion. He is a colonel (res.) in the IDF and has worked in the fields of industrial engineering and management. He holds a Masters degree in business management and is a director of … Read More

Sigahl Silvera

Our Vice-President

Sigahl grew up with an Israeli father and an American mother, and was always a part of the Reform movement. Her BA is from Penn State University, where, during her Jr. Year abroad at Tel Aviv University, she met her future husband, Lior. … Read More

Lori Stein Erlich

Immediate Past President

Lori was one of the founding members of Kehilat Yonatan. Having been raised in Orlando, Florida, she grew up at the Congregation of Liberal Judaism. As a teenager, Lori was an active member and officeholder in SEFTY and NFTY. She … Read More

Martin Himel

Our Treasurer

Martin, who grew up in Canada, is an award winning Documentary Film-maker and Television Correspondent with over 25 years of experience in exposing and covering major issues throughout North America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and … Read More


Our Auditor

Pini was born in Petach Tikvah in 1957. He worked for the Bezek telephone company for thirty years and currently deals in real estate. He organizes groups on a voluntary basis, enjoys sport and dancing and sings in a local choir. Pini has … Read More

Michael Simon

Our Auditor

Michael was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is married to Orit and is the father of two children. He works in hightech and joined Kehilat Yonatan in 2003. … Read More

Ya’akov (Kobi) Lerner

Our Auditor

Ya’akov (Kobi) and his wife Rachel have been living in Hod Hasharon for the past sixteen years and have been involved in Kehilat Yonatan almost since its inception. Kobi was born in Hadera and works as a tax consultant. They have three … Read More

Steve Goldstein

Steve made Aliyah to Israel with his parents from South Africa, because he was a Zionist and loved the country. He served as an officer in the paratroop regiment, and fought in the Yom Kippur and “Peace for Galilee” wars. He retired … Read More


Zena was born in London and grew up in Leeds in North-West England, where she was President of B’nai Brith Girls. Later she served as Chairman of the local WIZO committee and Chairman of the Ladies Guild of East London District Synagogue. … Read More

Sara Boyden

Director of Educational and Cultural Programs

Sara Boyden, who was born in Israel, is the daughter of Polish Jewish refugees. Married to Rabbi Michael Boyden, she is the mother of two children, Sion and Miri, and the grandmother of Yoel. She holds a B.A. degree and Teachers Diploma in … Read More