Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Kehilat Yonatan will be happy to host your Bar/Batmitzvah celebration. Our rabbi directs a study programme in preparation for this special event in the life of your family. Ceremonies generally take place on Saturday mornings or afternoons, but arrangements can also be made for your celebration to take place on a Monday or Thursday. Please…

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Kehilat Yonatan offers a programme towards conversion to Judaism under the aegis of the Israel Council for Progressive Rabbis. This option is available to Israeli citizens and to those who have permanent or long-term resident status within Israel. Although a conversion through the Progressive Movement is not accepted by the orthodox rabbinic authorities, it is…

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In case of Death

Many families seek an alternative to the services offered by the municipal chevra kaddisha when it comes to funeral arrangements. A number of kibbutzim have cemeteries in which services can be conducted that meet the needs and the personal wishes of the deceased and his/her family. Please feel free to contact Rabbi Boyden in connection with this…

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